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aggregate and sand size used in m10

Concrete Wikipedia

2021-3-19  Concrete is a composite material composed of fine and coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement (cement paste) that hardens (cures) over time. In the past, lime based cement binders, such as lime putty, were often used but sometimes with other hydraulic cements, such as a calcium aluminate cement or with Portland cement to form Portland cement concrete (named for its

Quantity of Cement, Sand & Aggregate used in 1m3

2017-5-17  The following formula is used to find the quantity of coarse aggregate in 1m 3 of concrete. Volume of Aggregate = Aggregate ⁄ Cement+Sand+Aggregate x 1.57. Density of aggregate may go higher if void spaces decreases. 5mm aggregate has more density when compared with 20mm size of aggregate. Hence We require 1326Kg of 20mm aggregate for 1m 3 of

Civil Engineering Objective Type Questions and

2021-2-12  (b) The maximum size of coarse aggregate should not exceed one fifty of the minimum dimension of the reinforced concrete member (c)The aggregates of 40mm, 20mm and 10mm sizes are commonly used for concrete works (d) All the above 32. An aggregate which may contain some moisture in the pores but having dry surface is known as.

Concrete Mix Design As Per Indian Standard Code

However, the compressive strength tends to increase with the decrease in size of aggregate. IS 456:2000 and IS 1343:1980 recommend that the nominal size of the aggregate should be as large as possible. 5. Grading and type of aggregate. The grading of aggregate influences the mix proportions for a specified workability and water-cement ratio.

What is meant by ratio in mixture of 1:2:4 in Quora

Concrete is a mixture of cement and sand and aggregate. The ratio is the volumes of each component. 1:2:4 is therefore the concrete resulting when 1 metre cubed of cement is mixed with 2 metres cubed of sand is mixed with 4 metres cubed of aggrega...

What is the difference between PCC and RCC? Quora

•Plain Cement concrete is a construction material obtained by mixing cement, aggregate and water in predetermined proportion. •When these ingredients are mixed, they form a plastic mass which can be poured in suitable moulds (forms) and set on sta...

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Concrete -Definition, Components, Grades,

Concrete is a construction material composed of cement, fine aggregate (sand) and coarse aggregate mixed with water which hardens with time. Portland cement is the mostly used type of cement for production of concrete.

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